5 Medication Remedies to Treat Cystic Acne You need to know

5 Medication Remedies to Treat Cystic Acne You need to know

It is very difficult to find an effective cure for acne cystic. Acne cystic is an advanced form of acne, hence the early treatment of your skin condition is a must. The pimples, in this case, will give you so much pain that the swelling is loaded with bacteria mixed with dead skin cells and white blood cells. Cystic Acne not only affects the superficial skin but attacks the tissues inside. This could lead to permanent damage to your skin in the form of scars. Acne is pretty serious, but wearing the scars that go with it can really hurt your self-confidence. Read more about acne treatment: What is an acne? different forms of acne whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples

There are many remedies suggested treating cystic acne, although you should not wait for the cysts to show before you become preoccupied with the pimples on your face. You must identify the level of your acne state so that the proper remedy could be used. There are three steps identified with the acne with the corresponding names for each form. Acne during the initial phase will appear as black and white dots. It then goes to what you call a button or zits. The last stage with the most severe form is cysts or nodules. This is the reason why you need to find a way to treat acne cystic.

Cystic Ance Treatment:

1. According to some health experts, a highly recommended medication on the treatment of acne is cystic via oral antibiotics. Antibiotics attack the bacteria that are present in cysts to reduce inflammation inside. You should buy drugs such as capsules or pills of doxycycline or tetracycline, among others.

2. Oral contraceptives taken orally are also considered useful for treating acne-cystitis. The production of a high level of sebum triggers acne so this excessive release of secreted fluids must be controlled by contraceptives. The disadvantage is that this treatment can be taken only when it is approved and under the supervision of your doctor.

3. A third option would be corticosteroid injections. Cysts are injected with steroids that aim to decrease swelling after a few days. A qualified practitioner should be the one to perform this method as it is a delicate procedure. One of the benefits of this particular process for treating acne cystic is the prevention of healing that cysts or nodules should dry up and disappear naturally.

4. The last 2 recommended remedies involve particular drugs – Accutane and Isotretinoin. The first is a medication to be taken orally for a period of at least 4 to 5 months on a daily basis. It is said to be very effective at preventing the incidence of scars on your skin. However, it has many side effects, which you should try to understand before buying this medicine.

5. The latter is actually a vitamin A pill that tackles the main causes of acne like the development of clogged pores, the production of excess oils, the swelling of the skin and the presence of bacteria. Isotretinoin also has side effects, especially if you are pregnant.

The 5 solutions discussed can provide you with a cure for cystic acne.

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