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What is severe acne? How to identify & cure severe acne?


Well, you want to know what type of acne you are suffering with. Don’t get shocked to know that there is no standard way to categorize acne but there are still many ways to classify acne. There are different types of acne and these types are mild acne, moderate acne, and severe acne. We have discussed mild acne as well moderate acne and now it’s time to discuss the worse type of acne which is severe acne. Although there is no standard way to categories acne after reading this one and previous two articles you can identify acne not only yours but of anyone. What will be the benefit of knowing the type of acne then it’ll be too much easy to cure your acne if you know the type you are suffering with. So, let’s discuss what is severe acne?

What is severe acne?

Severe acne is inflammatory acne. It is the most serious form of acne. It is the most worse condition of acne vulgaris. There are various other names it is known in medical some of them are cystic acne and nodular acne. It is not the matter of discussion that by which name you call it because it is the most worse type of acne you should be careful about it. Though it is the worse acne than mild and moderate it can also be cured.

In severe acne, the amount of inflammation will be much more than mild acne. While suffering from severe acne you’ll be countered by a lot of papules, and pimples. You may also have cysts in severe acne. Blemishes on the skin will deeper than moderate acne, even you would feel it very painful too. Breakouts of severe acne can be appeared on neck, shoulder, chest and on back too. But the worst position of severe acne spots is face where it hurts more. Severe acne can appear to the people of any age.

In General, severe acne is known as inflammation but some people suffering from severe acne can have a lot of blackheads on their skin instead of inflamed pimples and cysts. But I would like to make you sure that either you suffered from inflamed severe acne or non-inflamed severe acne the number of breakouts will be huge. And it is too much pain among the mild acne and moderate acne.

How to identify severe acne

Well I hope so that till now you must have an idea that what is severe acne or how it looks like if yes then it is good and I should be happy that I am not a bad writer, if not then you should look down on signs of severe acne to know that you are suffering from severe acne or not.

  • There must be a lot of redness and inflammation on the skin. It can be anywhere on the skin from above-mentioned parts.
  • Blemishes should be deeper and wider. Breakouts come out in a large amount, and they cover the most part of skin where it appeared.
  • There must be a lot of blackheads on the skin if it is non-inflamed severe acne.
  • Roots of either a pimple, blemishes or blackheads should be deeper in the skin.
  • It should be painful.
  • Severe acne has to scar.
  • Simple counter products or home treatments don’t effect to glow or recover skin from this disorder.

If you found the above statements similar to your condition then you should be worried because you are suffering from the most dangers form of acne that is severe acne. You should be doing very much hurry in treatment.

How to cure severe acne?

So, you have found yourself affected with you shouldn’t be worried much. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have to worried at all you should have to as it is the most worse kind of acne. But you shouldn’t be worried much as it is curable.

Severe acne is the worst condition of skin disorder it can lead to scarring easily. So, when you come to know that you are suffering from severe acne you should have to start treatment straight away. Sometimes severe acne can be cured through a proper food plan, care, and home remedies. But these things don’t work always.

Treatment of Severe Acne

So, my opinion in this regard is going to a dermatologist as soon as possible. You should have to be aggressive and more precise about the treatment of severe acne. You should have to use proper medication suggested by your dermatologist. Severe acne is most rigid acne so it takes the time to cure, so that’s why don’t give up or stop taking medication soon. Apart from the medication, you should have to follow the instructions given below.

  • You should have to do proper exercises, as exercise will control oil level of your body and will help to circulate blood throughout the body.
  • You should have to take bath minimum two times a day as it’ll kill the bacteria but water you use for bath should have to be purified.
  • You should have to drink as much water as you can. Eat healthy food like fruits, don’t eat oily or fried things.
  • You should have to brush your teeth regularly, use a clean towel every time you clean yourself with the towel. Make sure to keep your towel separate.
  • Finally, you should not have touched your skin with your hands in any case. Besides for the medication purpose.

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