moderate acne

What is moderate acne? how to cure moderate acne?


Moderate Acne

Acne is a problem of every age people, either male or female everyone is disturbed with the problem of acne. To get rid of acne one should need better treatment for better treatment it is good to know the type of acne you are suffering with. There are different types of acne, if you know what type of acne you are suffering with then it’s always easy to get good treatment and chances to get rid of acne increases. We have discussed Mild acne now we are going to discuss another type of acne is Moderate acne. What is Moderate Acne? How can you define that your acne is Moderate acne? Well here after reading this article you’ll have the better understanding of acne types and if you have acne then you’ll understand that it is moderate or not. Let’s start discussing that what is Moderate acne and how you can recognize it.


What is Moderate Acne?


Moderate acne is moderate as its name stated. It is not mild not severe also. Well, it is more persistent and noticeable than mild acne but not as much irritated as much worse as severe acne. Severe acne is the worst form of acne.


In moderate acne, acne spots are more clear, noticeable and stubborn. With moderate acne, you can have more even more bumps on the skin. Everyone suffering from moderate acne has blackheads while some can have inflamed blemishes.


Who can get Moderate Acne?


Just like mild acne, there is no age limit for moderate acne too. It means that moderate acne can appear to any person of any age. Moderate acne attacked teens with blackheads and inflammatory breakouts but women especially adult women have less ratio of blackheads suffering from moderate acne, in fact, they usually get inflamed breakouts. These inflamed breakouts appear or pop up on the cheeks, chin, and on the jawline. Moderate acne is not limited to face only it can also appear on back, neck chest even on the top and in the bottom of the shoulders or even on the butt, the most painful.


How to know that you have Moderate acne?


If you are suffering from skin disorder and you don’t know what type of acne you are suffering with then there is no need to worry about. Here I am going to enlist some statements or checklist for you.

You need to check that either you fulfill these statements or not. If yes, then its 99% sure that you are suffering from Moderate acne if not then check other posts to know what type of acne you are suffering with. These statements are:


  • Acne spots/breakouts should be red, swollen papules and pustules.
  • There should be a lot of clear bumps and blackheads on face normally but could be anywhere.
  • Blemishes should have to be deep, large and painful.
  • There should be dark scar/spots on the skin.
  • If you try any normal treatment a normal cream even that should not work.


These are pre-requisites for the moderate acne. If your skin fulfills these statements, then you have to be sure that you are suffering from moderate acne.

How to Cure Moderate Acne?

So now you are confirmed that you are suffering from moderate acne so what’s next. The next phase is to cure your acne. This is the systematic way that first you understand the problem then go for its solution. Similarly, now you are sure that it is moderate acne that is causing the disturbance in your life. Now the point is how to get rid of moderate acne? So in this part of the article, we will make sure that you come to know the possible solutions of the moderate acne.

If you are suffering from moderate acne don’t become hopelessness. There are so many treatments available that can help you to remove this shit from your skin and can help in glow your skin. As I mentioned earlier, normal anti-acne products or simple home remedies will not prove effective in the case of moderate acne. So the first thing you’ll do is to search a good dermatologist often called skin specialist. By doing this you’ll be saving your time, headache and a lot of money that you could possibly waste on normal creams or cure techniques. If you have not made any appointment, then don’t just wait to go for it as soon as possible because moderate acne has to become inflammatory. Your delay in medication can lead your moderate acne to even worse condition and it creates higher risk of scarring. So you should start treatment straight away to avoid giving a chance of developing acne scars.

how to cure moderate acne
how to cure moderate acne

There are so many active anti-acne medications that your dermatologist can prescribe you on the basis of your moderate acne condition and your skin type. Well here is a tip for you. Moderate acne is normally more rigid than mild acne so the prescription suggested from the dermatologist can take up to several weeks to affect so the tip is that don’t give up so soon. Follow the instructions and be consistent with the instructions instructed by your skin specialist. Because this is the only way that can lead you to have clean, glowing skin. Well, we are always here to help you. You can ask anything you need to know in comments. Well, let me tell you guys that we are only two people operating this website so it can take some time to reply. But we’ll make sure that you get right, and best answer for yourself.

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