What is mild Acne

What is Mild Acne?How it looks like? Mild Acne Treatment


There is no single principle to categorize acne, but still, there are major types of it, and those are mild acne, moderate acne, inflammatory acne, and severe acne. It doesn’t end here there are many others but common and seriously to those I know are these. let’s start talking about one of the mentioned types which are mild acne.

What is mild acne?

What is mild Acne
What is mild Acne

Before discussing mild acne one should have to know very well about acne that what is acne? If you know the basic it’s awesome otherwise I would like to suggest you to read my article what is acne? Then you can come up with this. But if you have enough knowledge then you are well and good to go with this. let’s finally talk about mild acne.

So what really mild acne is?

The simple answer is that mild acne is minor or you can say the minor form of acne. Bumps, blackheads, and papule or often known as a pustule are those skin disorder you get due to mild acne. The good thing is that they do not spread too much or inflamed. There is another way to find out the mild acne and that you will not have blemishes, nodules or cysts on your skin. Pimples are also classified in mild acne but everyone doesn’t get pimples even if he is suffering from mild acne. Often called as come Donal acne which leads to non-inflamed skin colored bumpiness on the face or on the back is actually a form of mild acne.

The problematic thing about mild acne is that it can appear to males, females of all ages, having any type of skin and ethnicities. Almost every teen and younger between the age of 9-12 have acne, but when they become adults they think that their days of having acne are gone and suddenly shocked to get it know that acne is back. Because mild acne is more common in adults than the teenagers but this doesn’t mean it’s sure. As I mentioned earlier that mild acne has no age limit even newborn babies can have acne.

Acne of type mild acne isn’t limited to face. You can have mild acne on back, chest neck and shoulder too. Mild acne can break out on everywhere.


How to find out that your acne is mild?

I have enlisted some statements down here if you found true these statements about yourself then you probably have acne and it would be mild acne.


  • There should be flamed whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Small and not very much red pimples.
  • There should have to blemish but not very much deep.
  • It doesn’t cause scars.


If your skin doesn’t follow these statements mentioned above then you probably don’t have mild acne, then it could be moderate, severe acne or else. In next article, we will discuss how to cure mild acne.

Mild Acne Spot Treatment


Mild acne remains mild as its name is mild acne. But for some other people, these mild pimples and non-deeper blemishes can become serious or even worse with the passage of time or in a hurry.

Well if you ask me that what is the best time to cure acne? My first and last answer will be that when acne is mild catch it as soon as possible. Curing acne at initial level means when it is mild is the best way to get rid of acne. But I’ve personal experience of meeting such people who apply “wait and see” approach to their skin disorder and see if acne can go away on its own.

mild acne treatment
mild acne treatment

But unluckily, it normally does not happen. The other possibility happened very often that acne gets worse, and move towards the more dangerous and severe acne problems. Especially teens who suffer from acne disorder usually don’t care much about it and they go with “wait and see” approach. Some of the kids between the age of 9 to 13 start getting these breakouts very early. They are really lucky to overlook at this stage. But if time passes on or they go with “wait and see” approach then those little mild bumps turn into inflamed pimples the bigger ones. Once acne any sort of acne it is, takes control then it becomes very hard to treat, cure it and it becomes very serious acne.


These days it doesn’t happen usually, I mean teens are more curious getting rid-off from acne. No matter how old you are you’ll surely want to say bye to these skin disorders and want to start your treatment right away when acne is still mild.


Steps to mild acne spot treatment:


To get rid off from mild acne you need to start curing as soon as possible, for this purpose you need to follow step-by-step instructions.


  1. You need to go to a dermatologist often known as skin special-list.
  2. Make sure of your skin type
  3. After making sure of your skin type try to find the source of arising acne on your skin in your food if you found it stop eating that food. Whatever the reason behind acne make sure you drink water enough daily.
  4. Start using counter acne products according to your dermatologist, that suits your skin type. Some counter acne products names are (Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide), you can ask for consultancy in comments.
  5. Keep using those products or any other cure method you are using consistently for at least 10 to 12 weeks.

These are some instructions you need to follow apart from going and paying high payment to the dermatologist you can use home remedies to give on this site, but first, make sure what is your skin type and the remedy suits you or not. If you have to make sure of this then I would like to guarantee you that you are going to get rid of acne if GOD willing. If you have any question you can ask in comments I would try my best to reply as soon as possible.

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