how to lighter skin

How to lighter skin tone?


How to lighter skin?

How to lighter skin?…. How to get rid of dull skin permanently?…. What are the causes of dull skin?… These are the most common question that most of us want to know the answers. Clear, white and glowing skin is a dream of everyone. Every one likes to be look gorgeous. No one likes rough and dull skin, baggy eyes, and dark spots. There are different skin types and different problems associated with them.

There are different reasons that make look your skin So Dull. There are lots of reasons that could explain Why your skin becoming less attractive. Make sure you are not doing anyone of these:


The most common reason of Dull skin is dryness. Dry skin needs to be sloughed away to make your skin healthy, lighter and fresh.


Due to dryness our skin looks so dry and cause cracks in it surface. Moisturizer Fills in those fissures, which reduce the gaps between the skin cells, And make the skin healthy, lighter and smooth.


Skin cells are composed most of water, so water operate best in Hydrate environment. Drinking less water makes your skin rough and wrinkles on skin. So drink more water for your best and healthy skin.


Stress cause an increase in cloistral, which can affect blood flow to the skin and skin repair .So, don’t think more and live relax. Sleep is the restorative time of body, when you sleep your skin cells repair themselves and regenerate. So make sure you are sleeping 8 to 10 hours per day. This makes your skin lighter.


If you are living in a dirty environment then your environment is making your skin dull and rough by air or a smoke of factories or traffic. Make sure you are covering your skin in that environment and wash your skin after coming back from this environment. If you are living in a high-smog area then add a stop at gym in your daily routine. You will get amazing result in few days.


Smoking is very harmful for your skin. This destroys your skin. Also, don’t use illegal drugs that harm your body, Avoid eating fast food that makes your skin rough. It has been said that “You are what you eat” is applied in our life. So always try to eat healthy and fresh food.

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