Five Most Popular Makeup looks and Makeup ideas

Hello and welcome today I am going to tell you the 5 most adopted makeup looks. Every girl wants to look perfect and want to be praised by the fellows because of her beautiful look. So today I am going to tell you to top 5 makeup looks that doesn’t take much time to apply on your face but I look amazing. No matter what is the occasion you will look amazing and glow so for looking beautiful always get some ideas from these popular makeup looks. But I would like to say here that these are just Amazing. So, let’s start looking at these makeup looks that you would like to adopt in every event.

Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips:

Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips
Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips

Nude lips and Smokey Eyes are the most famous makeup look among men. It’s easy to adopt and it gives you a look that can never be forgotten. People will become your fans at whatever event you’ll apply Smokey eyes and nude lips look on your face. Some of the top models quoted that this is no more a secret that Smokey eyes and nude lips are probably the most awesome looking makeup. You can apply black Smokey eye or use softer brown color to give your eyes a shade of Smokey eyes. Just apply the dark shade on the lid of your selected color and then make shade gradually lighter towards up where you will apply soft transition shade of your selected color. With these Bold eyes style, you need to make your lips give nude look with relative shade. This is the way to adapt smoky eyes and nude lips look. There are a number of looks in Smokey eyes and nude lips that you can apply to look gorgeous.

Bronzed Skin Look:

brozed skin look
brozed skin look

Sun kissed bronzed skin looks awesome, naturally flawless, glowing and healthy too. But now you have no need to lay in sun-shine to make yourself look like bronze. All you need to do is apply bronzer to your face with a light touch. Don’t apply too much or too little because it can make your face looks unnatural. There are many bronzers are available in the market around the globe but you need to find such a product that suits your skin that you can apply easily and perfectly. Whatever product you choose but I would like to suggest you that start applying less than you think you need. Apply bronzer on your cheeks, nose, forehead, chin bit on ears and around the neck because these are those areas where sun-shine really effect and applying bronzer on these parts will give look natural. With this apply a suitable and dark shade to your eyes and light to your lips.

Blushing Skin Look:

blushing skin look
blushing skin look

Blush look is one of most adopted makeup looks and probably the look who wins others heart and people will become a follower of your look. When you use blush properly on your face then your whole face gives glowing shining and natural beauty look. By applying blush your cheekbones will strike and will get the attraction of others. Apply blush to make your cheekbones stand out and then apply light may be a touch of color to the edges of your cheeks. The problem in applying blush effective is a low-quality brush that we use to apply high-quality blush but it doesn’t give the required result because of the low-quality brush. If you are using blush cream then you should have to use the middle finger tip to apply the cream on your cheeks and rest of the noted parts of the face. Here’s a tip for you, use the best foundation to get the perfect results of your blush.

Shiny lips:

shiny lips
shiny lips

Eyes and lips are the most notable parts of the face. If one of them looks great then you are looking great. The shiny lip is also an awesome makeup look to adopt, sometimes there is nothing that looks great than shiny lips. You have a long list of colors that you can select make your lips look shiny. If you are planning to give your lips shiny looks then you should use light makeup for the rest of your face. For giving your lips shiny look in your favorite color you can apply gloss over your favorite lipstick another advantage of using gloss over the lipstick is that it creates variations in the color of your lipstick that sometimes looks amazing.

Liquid Eyeliner with Red lips:


Eyeliner is also an amazing makeup look. It looks so great and awesome. But it is a bit difficult to adopt this look but “practice makes a man perfect”. It’s not just over here when you add red lips with liquid eyeliner then you just look so great and awesome. Because red lips don’t let anyone say anything apart from that people will not be able to move their eyes from you. There are so many shades with red lips so you should choose dark shade or a shade that suits you. Well, I suggested dark shade because of eyeliner.  Before applying lipstick, you should prepare your lips skin. Use exfoliate or do hydrate your lips by applying lip balm then apply lipstick. You should have to use a lip liner that matches your red lipstick or use nude lip liner.

These are the five most popular makeup looks that you should apply to look attractive and beautiful.

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