12 Simple Eyeshadow Tips- How to apply it perfectly 


12 Simple Eyeshadow Tips- How to apply it perfectly

Your makeup is as important to your look as the clothes you wear, in fact, it can be more important. We all spotted women who did not know how to apply their eyeshadow. But we have also seen women who know how to apply it correctly and they look assembled and beautiful. Do not you want to be one of these women? Of course – and we will give you some tips for you to do exactly that.

Good news – putting your eyeshadow correctly is not difficult at all. It’s just a matter of finding the right technique and looking for you and your personal style. Do not worry if it takes a few tries to get it right. Check out these tips:

Always apply a base coat to your eyes as you do for the rest of your face. Lose power works or you can apply your foundation to the eye area. This gives a nice palette of work.

Mix, mix, then mix a little more. I can not stress that enough. Try an experiment. Mix one eye and then use a brush and apply the other eye. You will know instantly what I am talking about and you will never forget to mix again.

If you want spectacular eyes, take your eyeshadow brush, dip it in water, then in the shade, then apply. This will give you a much deeper and dramatic color.

If you have blue eyes, wear purple, purple, taupe, gray, dark blue and black. Funky colors include fuchsia, turquoise, and silver.

If you have green eyes, wear purple, plum, forest green, brown and persimmon. Funky colors include light green, gold, and bright purple.

If you have brown eyes, wear champagne, copper, brown, apricot, khaki and beige. Funky colors include royal blue, tangerine, hot pink hand.

Everyone can wear navy, blue powder, and charcoal. Fun colors include money.

Apply a lighter shadow in the inner corner of the eye to reflect and make your eyes look younger.

If you want your eyes to look bigger, use a light color on the inner corner and a darker shade in the middle of the eye area.

Practice until you get the application of your shadow to a science. When you are well, your makeup will be more natural and polite.

Apply your dark shadow only on the eyelids, from the eyelash line to the eyelid crease. Apply your average shade just below the crease of the eyelid to the eyebrow arch.

Highlight along the eyebrow arch. Doing it this way will bring out your characteristics naturally and beautifully.

So there you have it. With these tips, you now know how to apply your eyeshadow so that your appearance is the best possible.

Remember that while you are practicing these steps, you should make a note of what works best for you. Practice alone or practice with a friend if you find it easier to ask someone else’s opinion.

And one more thing. If you make your face look younger with wrinkle creams that give results, then any makeup you have will be much more effective.

So go ahead and become gorgeous right now!

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