top 7 tips to deal with back acne- back acne treatments and prevention


top 7 tips to deal with back acne- back acne treatments and prevention

There are many ways to heal acne. Back acne – A short term for acne return is like all ordinary forms of acne. It can appear as pimples, blackheads, pustules or in severe cases it would look like a cyst of acne. This often appears during puberty when the bacillary gland begins to function aggressively. Male, female, adolescent or adult, acne does not have a particular age or gender and can virtually affect anyone. read more about back acne: back acne causes

Here are some ways to treat back acne.

1. Wear cool clothes and put powder on your back to prevent perspiration. This is an essential way on how to cure acne. Change clothes if you have sweated too much to avoid accumulating acne.

2. After doing a vigorous activity, you would probably be too sweaty. Take a shower immediately or if this is not possible, wipe your perspiration by using towels with a soft cloth such as cotton.

3. Pat dry your skin after taking a shower. Do not rub the towel. It could irritate your skin and cause inflammation of your back acne.

4. If your acne back is not serious yet, you can still use anti-bacterial cleansers that are designed for facial acne. Nowadays, there are also anti-acne soaps that can be used not only for the face but also for the body. Avoid using ordinary soap. These soaps may not meet the needs of your sensitive skin.

5. Avoid wearing backpacks until your acne goes away. This will prevent your back from warming up, which will result in increased sweating and a multiplication of bacteria responsible for acne.

6. One of the best ways to properly cure acne is to use gels or creams containing at least 10 percent benzoyl peroxide. They can be bought in pharmacies, even without any prescription from a dermatologist (skin doctor).

7. Studies show that benzoyl peroxide works best when used with products containing alpha-hydroxy. It will heal and dry up acne twice as fast.

8. Some people also have natural techniques on how to cure acne. A home remedy to treat acne back is to use homemade Hydroxide Sodium (Lye) while adding tea tree oil to it. This does not dry out and heals acne more quickly, but will certainly give you softer skin.

9. Exfoliate once a week. If you do not want to spend money to buy expensive body scrubs, you can use sugar instead of removing all the dead skin cells. Do it on the affected area, such as the back and buttocks.

10. You can ask for professional help in the event of a serious break. They have nothing to be ashamed of. Dermatologists are ready to help people suffering from this type of skin problem. They would probably recommend medications that should be prescribed, antibiotics that should be taken orally, topical treatments, retinol or even oral contraceptives (for women only).

So this is it. These are just ten of the most effective ways on how to cure acne. read more about acne care: Why do we get acne

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