Acne scars

Top Secrets About Acne Every Girl need to know

Acne is the most worst part of teenagers and adult’s life. We know that acne spots are the known as universal problem of teenagers. Commonly 45% teenagers, young people are on hit list of acne spots and scars. While it is the very basic desire of adults to have a neat and clean face. Today I am going to make sure of this that after reading this article you are going to get 90% neat and clean face. Before talking about the cure of acne lets first discuss that what is acne and why this shit happened to our faces.

Acne scars
How to get rid of acne

What is Acne ?


Acne is one of the most common skin disorder worldwide. This disorder attack over 45% teenagers and 5 to 10% young children. Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and lesions are the most common kinds of pimples which appears on various oily areas of the human body in which the Face most common, back, chest, under the shoulders, neck and upper arms.


Why does Acne Occur?


Acne spots and scars appears when the sebaceous glands start producing excessive levels of tallow in humans body. This Oil merges with the cells lining which are the walls of the glands and clog the skin’s pores by plugging them. This can cause enlarge the hair follicle, because follicle spills the oil and debris on the skin. This causes acne. There are Various factors that can cause an increase in the production tallow. Mentally stress can also be a cause of it. Environmental pollution the common factor of skin disorder and a cause to appearance acne spots and scars on the face or elsewhere. Improper diet and suffering with a long period of illness are also the major causes of pimples. If you want to get more details read the detailed article why do we get acne?


Tips to avoid acne:

I have enlisted the several tips that I can make sure will help you to avoid 90% from acne spots and scars.


  • Make sure to clean your face with natural skin products every morning, noon and especially at night. It will help to remove dead cells and will open clogged skin pores and make your skin breath naturally.
  • Do a promise with yourself that whatever happened you will not touch pimples with your hands and also make sure to keep your hairs from falling on the face. Give proper protection to your face against dirt, vehicles smog as these things aggravate your acne.
  • Do regular exercise to lose tallow as I have mentioned above that tallow is the major factor in appearance of acne. Sufficient sleep is also essential for a healthy glowing skin. Don’t sleep too much and also less.
  • Mentally stress due to anything can lead to increased acne. Make sure to reduce your stress level as much as possible.
  • Avoid eating too much sugary and iodized foods, such as coffee and carbonated drinks. Stop smoking as smoking makes your skin dry and could break easily.
  • If you have acne on your body anywhere on the body then from today make sure that you are wearing soft cotton clothes and also shower immediately after exercises.
  • Use clean pillowcase every night and clean towel to clean your face, body.
  • I want to alert you again from touching your pimples because picking and pinching pimples generally makes it worse and may leave scars.

Tips to cure Acne:


I would like to mention a saying here that A clean face keeps acne away make sure to follow these tips to clean your face I make sure you to cure your pimples.


  • Stop using ordinary soaps because most of the ordinary soaps contain harmful chemical which dry out natural face oil and make it dry which is easy to break. Use only glycerin or castile soap to wash your face daily.
  • Stop using different types of face cosmetics as all of them are made up of potentially harmful chemicals and also make sure to follow the all avoiding tips.
  • Use only one acne face creams which are available out there but make sure it suits your skin. don’t try to use further if you  in the noon too after washing face and thoroughly in the night after washing face. Make sure you are not using any other cosmetic material.
  • Making positive change to your diet, alkaline forming foods are best although you can eat a little bit of acid forming foods, such as fried foods, rice, white breads, milk and yogurt etc. while the alkaline foods are fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Moreover drink sufficient amount of water. Make sure to stay away from sugary foods and smoking like habits.
  • Use Essential Fatty acid and Fish oil as they may reduce acne formation and inflammation. But I would like to suggest to ask your doctor before using fatty acid and fish oil. Fatty acid can be found in pumpkin seeds, wheat germ oil, walnuts and sunflower seeds etc.
  • Make sure to eat fruits but also fruit juices as juices supply essential vitamins and minerals directly to the blood. Try to make juice by yourself. Apple Juice two glasses a day, cherry juice, Orange and grapefruit juice, Apricot, berry and Melon juice are essential at least one glass a day in the respective seasons. While other fruit juices are also essential for healthy and glowing skin.
  • Make sure to eat cooked vegetables but also try to eat several uncooked eatable vegetables.
  • Change your diet plan to eating protein rich food.
  • Use Herbal Mixtures. Herbal mixture can make yoWEur skin neat and clean but they can also damage your skin if you use herbal mixture against your skin. So make sure to consult your doctor before using Herbal Mixtures. There are several Herbs are Fragrant valerian, Dandelion, Goldenseal, Marshmallow root, Yarrow root, Purslane, wild strawberry leaves, etc.
  • You May Also Use Aloe vera gel on your face in the m orning and night two times a day for a week only.
  • Change your way of thinking as I mentioned above that stress is also a cause of acne so make sure you are taking less stress.
I am your beauty consultant. It is my mission to share my dedication to growth and advancement within the skincare and beauty industry. With over 10 years of experience within sales-based positions, I have demonstrated consistent success applying these aptitudes to achieve high-reaching standards and goals. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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