So, you want to know what is going to happen when you’ll go for eyebrow threading then you have no need to get frightened at all because it is not that much scary. Let me first tell you that what is eyebrow threading?

Threading is a technique of removing hairs with the help of a thin double thread normally of cotton or polyester. The thread is doubled then it is twisted to give it a shape of scissor then with the help of that scissor hairs are removed.

And in eyebrow threading, the same cotton thread scissor is used to remove extra hairs of eyebrows to make them perfect eyebrows. This process is not much painful but enough that can make you feel crying for the first time. In threading hairs are pulled out of skin but not like plucking or tweezing one at a time and not also like waxing which remove a bunch of hairs one at a time. Threading is used to remove short rows of hairs just like short rows around the eyebrows are removed to make perfect eyebrows.

Things happened when you go for eyebrow threading

  1. Pain: 

    eyebrow threading pain
    eyebrow threading pain

    it is just that you will feel pain for first few times in eyebrow threading but the good thing is that it is bearable pain. You can bear the pain easily by distracting yourself from that whole scenario or thinking about something else. The ratio of the pain depends on your scary and on therapist if you go to parlor for threading because it feels like plucking multiple hairs at once.


  1. How many hairs to pluck at once: 

    how many hairs pluck at time
    how many hairs pluck at time

    To make perfect eyebrows the process of threading you can do it at home if you are not willing or have enough money for the parlor. If you are at home then let me suggest you, catch as much fewer hairs as you can because it’ll hurt less. But if you have knocked the parlor door for threading your therapist will ask you once that how many hairs and in which direction should I do threading.

  2. Uncontrolled Tears: 

    It’s possible the that your tears came out because of the pain you’ll feel for the first time. So, I would like to suggest you to no wearing eyes makeup when you go for eyebrow threading. Because it’ll flow out with tears.

  3. Decide the shape first:

    eyebrows shapes
    eyebrows shapes

     You should have decided that what type of shape you want of your eyebrows before going for threading. Because you have to tell the therapist about the shape you wanted. But here I would like to suggest to act on the advice of therapist if that shape doesn’t work on your face or eyebrows doesn’t match with that design you are asking.

  4. Check Results: 

    When threading and styling eyebrow is done they will let you see the results. Sometimes at first look, you probably say that it is great but taking a closer look would make sure that it is done yet or not.


  1. Trim or not: 

    After eyebrow threading, your therapist may ask you to want your eyebrows trimmed or not? Then you should go with trimmed because it will make unruly hairs much neater. But if your hairs are fine enough then you can refuse.


  1. Redness: 

    when it’s done you’ll probably feel that your skin is swollen and a clear redness around your eyebrows then don’t get worried it’s fine and natural. The redness will disappear automatically after a few hours. But if go long into days then you’ll need a treatment for this.


Things after Eyebrow Threading

These are few things that normally happened when you first time go for eyebrow threading. After eyebrow threading is done I would like to suggest you use Aloe Vera gel over the eyebrows and area around. Because it’ll help in cooling down the condition and will also reduce redness. After getting perfect eyebrows go for massage of the whole face that’ll help in reducing the pain you have and recover your skin from redness and will vanish swollen around that eyebrows. If you are at home then use Aloe Vera which is the best for cooling and reducing redness. You can also use ice for a moment over the eyebrows and threaded areas.


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